Pre-purchase survey

This can be regarded as a "full" survey and constitutes inspection of the whole vessel (where possible). The pre-purchase gives the potential owner the best possible overview of the vessel, providing confidence in decision making.
It is advisable that the pre-purchase is undertaken while the craft is out of the water.

Pre-season condition surveys

Not quite as thorough as a pre-purchase inspection, the pre-season is aimed at existing owners and highlights potential defects/issues before becoming problems. The inspection can be undertaken at your home mooring while afloat, or we can incorporate a hull survey if the vessel is ashore for maintenance.
Prices are dependent on hull length, and start at £195. 
Why not identify issues before becoming problems so that you can enjoy your pride and joy?

Insurance renewal inspections and valuations

When a vessel reaches a certain age, insurance companies often require a survey and valuation; we provide this service, ensuring owners receive the inspection necessary to continue their cover.
The inspection must be carried out while the boat is out of the water.

Specific inspections

Should the full pre-purchase survey not be required, we are more than happy to offer any or a combination of the following services: -
- hull only inspection
- valuation
- sea trial
- specific inspections (detailed examination of specifics, i.e. stern gear, engineering installation, interior fit-out, etc.) - why not contact us with your requirements?

Project management

For any large-scale projects, i.e. restorations, re-builds, re-fits, etc., it is often advisable to appoint a project manager. We can provide this service enabling a professional and knowledgeable link between the different stakeholders involved and the client. 

Placing clients first...

In all of our services, we are mindful that we work for you, our clients; at all times we strive to fulfill your requirements.

All services are backed by a full-written report containing the necessary information, in a concise and understandable style with photographs/drawings where required.
Our aim is to send the completed report within five working days; however, we will contact you immediately after the survey to inform you of our preliminary findings.

Following up

Our reports always contain a list of recommendations; if you wish, we can re-visit your boat later on to report on any improvements you have made. This can then be added to your report in the form of an addendum, and has the benefit of creating a "narrative" of the vessel while under your ownership - if you ever wish to sell, it can be useful.